the design was created by tokyo
based noriyoshi muramatsu of
studio glitt, formerly of the world
renowned design house, super
potato. zuma dubai balances the
six elements of fire, earth, water,
air, wood and iron to achieve
harmony. the restaurant showcases
hand carved granite counters,
salvaged rusted-steel walls and a
spectacular bamboo sculpture,
created from 450 wires and 350
bamboos, which transcends
the central void
  • main dining area
  • sushi & robata counter
  • private dining
  • wine & sake cellars
  • main dining area
  • sushi & robata counter
  • private dining
  • wine & sake cellars
  • situated over 2 floors,
    connected by a dramatic
    staircase and a dedicated
    guest elevator, the main
    dining area on the lower
    level allows a variety of
    seating options.

    the raised sushi level sits in
    the heart of the void, whilst
    the robata grill area gives
    a warm and initimate
    dining experience
  • manned by our skilled chefs,
    the counters are spacious
    and interactive. at the sushi
    counter, our international
    chefs sculpt sashimi over ice,
    preparing your meal before
    your eyes

    the robata grill is the heart of
    the restaurant and keeps
    alive the tradition of robata,
    which is the oldest form of
    japanese cooking. it offers
    a selection of grilled fish,
    meat and vegetables.
    zuma's menu offers
    something for everyone

    reservations are not
    necessary for the counters
  • our private room is named
    'wabi and sabi',
    traditionally meaning the
    natural beauty of
    imperfection and the
    beauty in natural

    the solid white teak
    dining table central to the
    space can seat up to 20
    guests. alternatively, the
    room can be divided into
    two separate intimate
    spaces accommodating
    10 guests each
  • complimenting the flavours of zuma's cuisine, the cellars offer the world's finest selection of wines, champagne and sake.

    an intrinsic part of the japanese culture, sake is a must when experiencing zuma. the sake cellar has a range of hot and cold sake for all tastes, from novice to refined sake drinkers.

    the extensive wine cellar offers a variety of vintages from the classic european wine regions and the new world. a wide selection is offered by the glass to accompany the unique flavours of the food at zuma. guests are encouraged to visit the walk-in wine cellar and meet the team of sommeliers.